The British Section

As a proud (and outspoken) Brit, it seemed only apt to host a royal wedding party on Friday. Union flag banners and bunting, postcards of all the royals on the walls, roast potatoes and chicken, banoffee pie, and gin. Unable to get the usual BBC coverage through my laptop I was devastatingly saddled with the traditionally substandard ITV coverage. I was however immediately encouraged by Philip Scofield’s live reading of the Facebook royal wedding drinking rules, which was a particular highlight. Naturally the village idiots picked out for interview by ITV presented a good cross-section of British society, we aren’t perfect after all.

Living in Korea and surrounded by foreigners of all nationalities it was a time to showcase everything that makes Britain great.

Nicole and JB (America and Canada) had their first taste of banoffe pie, Andrew (Ireland) was on his best behaviour and to his credit did not once mention the “rape and pillaging” of his nation that has become his tagline. In fact he arrived in shirt and tie and was in very good form. Eunha got to witness her favourite country in its true blinding beauty (she is really British after all). Lewis managed to provoke a record for the quickest ever attendance of security ‘fun sponge’ personnel banging on the apartment door, having set off fireworks from the balcony and led a rebellion to ensure their continued explosions. Myles (Ireland) typically lackadaisical¬†turned up after it had all finished. Dylan piped up every time Charles was on screen to point out he is in fact “The prince of Wales…although he can’t even speak bloody Welsh”. I wore my hat.

Many people were left slightly disappointed having persevered through the wedding service and waited on the promise of a great show come the time for the balcony kiss, which was actually rather anticlimactic. ‘Was that it?”‘ was among the many comments of discontent floating around the room. Still, I thought it was a cracking day. Kate Middleton looked fantastic and was outshone only slightly by her younger and more attractive sister Pippa (the subject of many a debate).

On Friday 29th April 2011 the world was watching Britain. Many people who refer to themselves as republicans objected to the royal wedding, and questioned the motives behind many people’s feelings and celebrations. Meanwhile there were hundreds of thousands of people lining the streets, waving the union flag amid cheers of joy and celebration.

Today is Monday 2nd May 2011 and the world is watching America. The picture there is the same and you’d be forgiven for thinking there is a similar highprofile wedding or some similar event. A sea of national flags, thousands of people lining the streets in national celebration. Except this is under very different circumstances, with the announcement of the death of Osama Bin Laden, which is being met with hysterical celebrations. I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions…

My hat


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