Snow go Korea

The east coast of Korea has just been hit by the biggest snowfall in over a century.

It has to be said that they have dealt mightily well with the events. Whereas we witness Britain annually grind to a rapid halt under the weight of a couple of inches of snowfall, Korea has taken no less than 5 feet within the space of a few days. It was quite a thing to watch as it fell rapidly and covered the entire Eastern coastline in a mountain of snow.

Not to be defeated by the extreme weather, the Koreans attached their snow tyres and snow chains to their cars and attempted to foolishly carry on as normal, many resulting in becoming stranded and being forced to abandon their cars.

The army was drafted in to try and restore some normal service to the area and for days every civilian has been out with shovels digging out their cars and paths. Late into the night trucks and JCBs have been digging up the snow covered roads and attempting to reconnect the transport links. You had to feel a massive sense of compassion towards all of the people who went out on Saturday to clear the roads, paths and cars only to wake up on Sunday morning to yet another huge downfall.

So big was the news that it gained news coverage as wide at the UK and USA. Locally problems increased yesterday during the start of the ‘big thaw’, as some of the snow was starting to melt, many poorly constructed buildings started to buckle under the weight of the snow. This climaxed, as reported in the Telegraph, with the collapse of the roof of the local indoor market, trapping many under the snowfall but thankfully, contrary to early reports, it did not result in any deaths.
Happily, the continued snowfall that was predicted for today seems to have not come to pass and now we can begin to (hopefully) look forward to getting through the rainy season and onto the Korean summer, which is quite spectacular. This country really does experience the extreme of all seasons, non stop snow and rain that will be followed with stiffing temperatures in the summer months. I know which season I prefer. In the mean time the roads are finally clear and the buses are back running so what else is there to do but head to the ski slopes?!

Day one of the snowfall


Digging out the car



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