The best of the net yet

I thought I would share with everyone (especially those who are doomed to a month of deskwarming) what I consider to be the greatest discovery I have ever made on our beloved world wide web. The jewel in the crown of websites. Let boredom be a thing of the past. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

This is essentially an intelligent search engine that tailors to your preferences. You don’t however type anything in. Sign up and list a few things that you are interested in (you can install a toolbar into your browser for the seriously addicted like me). Then hit the ‘stumble’ button and it will throw at you random websites that it thinks will interest you. Like what you see? Hit the ‘like’ button and it will remember the kind of things that float your boat. Don’t like it? Hit ‘dislike’ and you won’t see anything like that again. The thing that makes this so good is I’ve seen websites such as the ‘I’m bored’ widget on my mac do a similar thing, but they are pretty awful. This is pure gold. Doubt me? Prove me wrong. But I give you warning, once you start stumbling you won’t be able to stop…

Also in the news, kimchi now available as a (not so) refreshing drink. Sick. (brought to me by stumbleupon)


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